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Video with New Singer Elli Sutter, ‘Golden Womb,’ Released

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We just released a video from our SOLD-OUT Reggie’s show on 9.26.14 with our new singer Elli Sutter! The song was debuted at this performance, and is called “Golden Womb.” It features lyrics by Elli and a new type of group writing and production that you’re sure to experience more of with her now in the band. You can view it right here on our site in our main slider above at the top of the homepage, or at the YouTube link below:

Click Here for “Golden Womb” on YouTube

Midwest Run w/ The Main Squeeze and More for Our October Tour!
We’re still flying high from our sold-out show at Reggie’s at the end of September, and it is with great pleasure that we announce our October tour, which includes a run with our brothers in music The Main Squeeze! You can find more details in our tour tab, or visit our official facebook event for the tour (link below), where you can help us spread the word by inviting friends!

Facebook Tour Event

IndigoSun Has a New Member, Singer Elli Sutter!
One year ago, you beautiful people helped us wish a warm farewell to our saxophonist Lucas Ellman at his final IndigoShow. As things in life so often do, change has come full circle, and it is with tremendous excitement that we welcome singer Elli Sutter as the newest member of IndigoSun! Elli is a radiant spirit whose vibrant energy matches the group beyond perfectly, and we feel blessed to have her and her heart’s song with us for this wild ride we’re on. Stay tuned for tons of new material with her, and check out our “Tour” section to see the shows she’s on in October!
New Album, A Love Song for the Human Race released!
We are so excited to present to you our latest album, A Love Song for the Human Race!The record is our first true foray into the worlds of hip-hop and neo-soul, two of our favorite genres. An exploration in conscious rap, psychedelic neo-soul, and pure positive RnB, the album finds the group at the top of our production game and delving deep into new territory to create a unique album that suits IndigoSun’s message of unconditional love and kindness, while retaining the integrity of the style’s it pulls from. Featuring lots of special guests and lyrical ingenuity, this is one you don’t want to miss! Visit our “Music” section to stream in full and purchase!



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