Afterglow – The Love of Rootwire

Afterglow – The Love of Rootwire

When I was young, I was extremely fortunate to attend a spiritual summer camp called Marwood. The camp was a week long once a year, 7th through 10th grade, and based entirely around fostering unconditional love in teenagers. I was lucky enough to have this idea introduced to me at such a young age, and in my time there got to take part in a Sweat Lodge (something I’m extra thankful for), a yearly medicine wheel ceremony, and workshops devoted to connecting with others in a deep, sensitive and loving way. The feeling of closeness and cosmic kinship that I experienced with my brothers and sisters there was exactly what I needed to counteract the difficulty and emotional intensity of adolescence and the early high school years. It completely shaped who I am and it was an experience I will never lose gratitude for.

I bring this up in this post specifically because up until last weekend, I didn’t think there was any other place on earth like Marwood. I looked for hints of it at every music festival I’ve been to in the past 5 years, finding touches of it here and there but never that same environment. Then IndigoSun played Rootwire and I had the incredible good fortune of being there for the 1st time, and I found this Marwood energy of unconditional love woven into the very fabric of the fest. Everywhere I looked I saw and felt it, and everyone I met was so willing to share who they are, to be open and hold nothing back, to spread that love, and it many times brought me to tears of joy. Seeing people respond in such a positive way to the vibe was immensely inspiring. What Papadosio and their musical, artistic, and spiritual family have created is literally everything I had ever hoped a festival would and could be. It was such a special feeling to be able to share our music at Rootwire, and it led me to the most profound experience I’ve ever had on stage. I’ve never been so moved playing music!! It was the exact recharge I needed, a spiritual charge-up that re-inspired me to BE love, more and more deeply each day. Not to mention all the incredible new music I was turned on to as a result (Welder, Evan Marc, Karsh Kale, The Egg, and so much more)!

Tonight I got to return home and teach a meditation class (I have been teaching and practicing Buddhism from the New Kadampa Tradition), and I felt it was the best teaching I’ve ever given. Having been so very inspired by the experience of Rootwire, I know now that I will attend it so long as it exists, regardless of whether we play or not. If you don’t know Papadosio or their music, definitely take the time to give a full listen to their latest album T.E.T.I.O.S. in a nice pair of headphones. It will be a couple hours of a great deal of joy, steeped in a tremendous amount of love. Nothing but respect and gratitude to these incredible musicians and human beings!



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