The IndigoSun Blog

An Adventure in Unconditional Love, Spirituality, and the Undeniable Force of The Hibbly

You may find yourself wondering, "What is 'The Hibbly?'" Ah... a fantastic question, friend! The Hibbly (formally known as "The Hibbly Jibbly") is a fundamental guiding force of the universe. It is a feeling of funk so strong, an urge to boogie so irresistible, that it can cut through the dreariest of days with crazy ninja skills and have you up and dancing in 2 seconds flat. The Hibbly is a wily beast and thus hard to wrangle into song, but we aim to do so in those moments where nothing but an explosion of ecstatic, goofy, booty-moving energy is appropriate. As for the unconditional love and spirituality, we seek to express those two driving forces of our hearts through the precious medium of sound at every opportunity. Our deepest desire is to heal through our music--whether that manifests as a feeling of deep transformation or simply a smile returning to your face, we care not. All that matters to us is that in some way you feel uplifted by experiencing our musical transmission. To that end, please feel free to comment on any or all of these posts, and drop us a line and let us know how we're doing at [email protected]. We love you!